Social Activities

Tembea Africa Tours Co. Ltd was established since 2009 in Tanzania under Mr. Melchizedeck Lemomo’s Directorship. He first developed his passion for Charity Educational Support for the unfortunate in his community through Mountain Trekking Activities by sponsoring infants for their nursery education, a practice ongoing todate. His courage for provision of educational scholarship was further accelerated by the establishment of this company which not shortly led to the establishment and registration of Arusha Institute of Business Studies (AIBS) soon, a university status to achieve, to advance the Educational Charity Cause for the unfortunate and those vulnerable to social injustices, natural and artificial disasters this time around not only in his community but also a wider focus on other communities in Tanzania, East Africa and beyond. For instance, a case in point, over the years AIBS, since its establishment has admitted and provided educational scholarships to some boys and many girls from some Tanzania’s pastoral communities under justifiable conditions  for charity threshold qualification for example traditional social injustices like early marriages for girls in almost all pastoral communities of Tanzania.

In his advancement towards provision of educational scholarships to the desperately unfortunate, like one English Author, Thomas Fuller asserted, ‘Charity begins at home but should not end there’, to this reflection therefore, at Arusha Institute of Business Studies, the year 2019 has witnessed the arrival of boys and girls, (students) from both northern Uganda and South Sudan. It should also be made clear to you that northern Uganda is also a victim to the ongoing civil war in South Sudan henceforth justifying the conditions and terms for such students’ scholarship aboard. It is however; due to budget constraints that only a few students get chance, but the truth of the matter is that, there many students (more than we can speak) out there who need our educational scholarships. Over the years, we continue to spend big efforts in setting up charity infrastructure in education, community, socially and environmentally responsible concerns. Therefore, when you travel with Tembea Africa Tours Co. Ltd, you also help the people and environment of Tanzania, East Africa and beyond. If your heart is touched and willing to donate to this cause, please communicate to us through the contact lines displayed on this website.

At this stage, it is very obvious to you that AIBS is a sister institution to Tembea Africa Tours Co. Ltd. Since its establishment to date, AIBS has and indeed is involved in a number of community and social based activities like consistent road repair and maintenance operations before heavy, during and after these rains.